El origen de los idiomas

Los idiomas orales siempre han sido un factor importante para facilitar la comunicación entre los humanos. El diccionario de sociología lo describe como “la recopilación de palabras y reglas sintácticas y gramaticales que dictan cómo las palabras deben disponerse para expresar un significado específico”. Pero, ¿cuál es el origen de los idiomas? El principal reto […]

Nuevo ranking mundial de mejores universidades

El Ranquin QS de Universidades Mundial es un ranking de las mejores universidades que se publica anualmente realizado por la compañía Quacquarelli Symonds (QS). Después de su primera publicación el año pasado, este año QS ha publicado el último ranking. El instituto tecnológico de Massachusetts (ITM) quedó primero el año pasado y esta vez ha conseguido mantener una buena posición, pero no la mejor. […]

Los estereotipos culturales

Según la definición que se recoge en la RAE, un estereotipo o un cliché consiste en una imagen exagerada que tiene la mayoría de las personas en una sociedad como representativa de un determinado colectivo. Tenemos, en nuestra educación, una tendencia a crear iconos para definir una persona según su género, su país, su categoría social, […]

Language variety in Nigeria

Nigeria is a populous country in Africa with the enormous city Lagos, which is the biggest city, with the largest concentration of people within the whole African continent. The official language of Nigeria is English, often called Nigerian Standard English. This type of English is similiar to English in the UK, however, there is a […]

About dying languages

By National Geographic Society, every two weeks in the world dies 1 language. If it’s gonna continue, in the world till 2100 will disappear 3500 languages. It’s almost half of the languages, humanity is talking at this moment. Most vulnerable are regions, where variety of the languages is the biggest. These hot spots are like […]


  Red Bull gives you wings, they said. Now it’s not just a slogan to make happy drunk guys waiting for Jägerbomb, it’s a reality now. Red Bull is giving wings (money) to a whole generation of athlete, mostly from extreme sports. They organize a lot of competitions, each one as extreme and funnier as […]

VERY BAD CLICK – Facebook infected

VERY BAD CLICK – Zeus, the virus that steals personal banking data, strikes on FacebookThe computer security specialists have not heard the last of Zeus, “malware” invented in 2007 and have since resulted in the diversion of hundreds of millions of dollars just in the United States.The principle of  this software, sleeping and invisible once […]

Best homeless ever seen

How to live in the street while keeping sense of humour. Anyways, I’m pretty sure it works better than those who just are requesting money without any smile. The first one : The player homeless   The second one : The scientist homeless   The third one : The time traveller homeless   The fourth […]

Top 5 skyscrapers

Let´s take a look at the best skyscrapers in the world. I have focused on the interesting buildings, I am not talking only about the tallest skyscrapers, however, I have added the tallest one – Burj Dubai to the list. I cannot personally imagine how it is to stand next to any of the tallest […]

What’s goin on in the world?

In Slangnation, we are never at a loss for words! What’s happening in the world? Previously we saw that Bashar al-Assad talks too much but doesn’t listen to his nation at all. Kate Middleton makes a lot of ink flow, between her recent stated pregnancy, her official portrait and her looks, it seems like press […]