Life of translators

Do you already know what do you want to do in the future? How about to work as a translator? Today I am going to describe you a bit what is it like to live as a translator. Let’s talk about freelance translators. Typical day of freelance translators Translators do not have typical day. Why? […]

Timothy Doner

Timothy is a proven polyglot, having learned 23 different languages so far. What means polyglotism? Polyglotism is the ability to master numerous languages in short period of time.  He is the youngest known person in the world with this capability. Do you how old is he? He is only 17 What are the foreign languages […]

International Day of Translators

Few days ago we had another important feast day in our calendar. Every year translators all over the world celebrate this day. The International TranslationDay is celebrated on September 30, because this day marks the death of the patron of translators  which is St. Jerome. Who is Saint Jerome? St. Jerome is mostly known for […]

10 mitos sobre traducciones

Los traductores a menudo están obligados a disputar con sus clientes sobre los conceptos erróneos que tienen estos según dos acerca de su profesión. En muchos casos, tienen que explicarles las características específicas del trabajo de traductor para echar abajo los mitos que circulan desde años y conciernen directamente a su carrera. Seguramente tanto los […]

Qualification of translators

What translating means? At the beginning we should make clear what actually translatingmeans. Translation isa textwritteninanother language, sothat the twotextshavethe same meaning. We are trying to make the best translation. In translating world it means to catch the point in the best possible way. What are essential prerequisites for the work of translators? If you […]