Television influence

In Lithuania the main languages on television are English, Russian, French and Spanish. Of course, all of them are translated by Lithuanian translators. So normaly we do not watch movies on their original languages. On the one hand, it is not good because we are not able to deepen our knowledge of other languages, for […]

¿Y en tu país como se dice?

Ya estamos prácticamente al comienzo de las Navidades, otro año más que esperamos reencontrarnos con nuestros familiares, la ilusión de recibir regalos, comer hasta la saciedad yla llegada de Papa Noel. Pero, ¿cómo se dice Papa Noel en otros idiomas? A continuación os dejo una lista para que os hagáis una idea de las distintas […]


People who speak certain languages sometimes have no trouble speaking to others or understand otherswho speak similar languages. That is what mutual intelligibility exactly is. Speakers can understand each other without having to study or make an overly human effort. Mutual intelligibility of languages – the concept of linguistics indicate the proximity of different languages, […]