Excuse us if the format of this form is a little complex to fill, but for us is very practical since this is the final format of our data base. The boxes to fill in, are the ones in white (better not to fill the gray ones). Since the written data will be copied – pasted to our Data Base, it is very important to check they are correct so that you can found in all relevant languages and specialties. It is better not to separate lines by clicking “Intro” since the program doesn’t accept it; please separate them using commas or

periods. Obviously you fill in only those boxes you want.

General Data and Source Language

Average gradeNamePhone and faxEmailAddressStudies, average gradesRates ratesAvailabilitySp>En>Fr>Ge>It>Po>Cat>Ara>Rus>Chi>Jap>Other>Please do not fill inName and surname Separate phone numbers with “,”

Major, University and

Average gradex if you accept tariffsAvailable hours per day to translateMark with an x the source languages. If you know a language which does not appear, please write it in the “Other” box.

Target Language

>Sp>En>Fr>Ge>It> Po>Cat>Ara>Rus>Chi>Jap>OtherVariantMark with an x the target language (mother language, normally coinciding with Nationality). If target language does not appear, mark the “Other” box. If target language has several variants (e.g., Spanish from Spain, Spanish from Mexico, etc.) then you indicate it in the “Variant” box

(e.g. Spain, Mexico, etc.).


GeneralGGeneral: detailsLegalLLegal: detailsFinanceFFinance: DetailsBus/EcoBBus/Eco: detailsMech/hhElecMMech/Elec: detailsITIIT: detailsTelecTTelec: detailsFor each specialty (general, legal, etc,) if you are able to translate, you can mark with and x in the right column. The one in the middle should not be filled in and finally, if you wish, in the right column (where it says “Details”) you have the option of adding the number of years of experience as translator, studies on the specialty (ex. Law (Major), professional experience in the specialty and if you have any subspecialty

ComputersCComputers: detallesLocalizationLoLocalization: detailsMedicineMeMedicine: detailsChem/PharmaChChem/Pharma: detailsOther specialitiesOther specialities: detailsÍdem

Other information

WebsWebs: detailsSworn translatorSworn translator: lang pairsSpecial programsSpecial programs: detailsHTML and Web designHTM and Web design: detailsProgrammingProgramming: detailsGraphic designGraphic design: detailsInterpretInterpretationCommentsIn the left column you can indicate with an x if you translate Web pages, if you are a Sworn translator, if you have special programs, knowledge on HTML, web page design, programming, graphic design or if you are an interpreter.

On the right column you can indicate details; In which languages you are Sworn translator, which special programs you have (Trados,


Frame Maker, Page Maker, Freehand, Ventura, Interleaf, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, etc), what experience you have in web page design, programming and graphic design

You can add as much comments as you want

InformáticaCInformática: detallesLocalizationLoLocalización: detallesMedicineMeMedicina: detallesQuímicaQuimQuímica/Farmacéutico: detallesOther specialitiesOtras especialidades: detallesÍdem


Traductores e intérpretes

Página Web:

Servicios de traducción Barcelona
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 392 5º 2ª – 08015 Barcelona – 93 228 92 58

Servicios de traducción Madrid
Velázquez 94 1º – 28006 Madrid – 91 128 05 40

Servicios de traducción Sevilla
Paseo de las Delicias 1 2ª Plta. – 41001 Sevilla – 95 511 26 34

Servicios de traducción Valencia
Cirilo Amorós 6 Pta. 1ª – 46004 Valencia – 96 111 82 64



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