The match in percent is displayed between the source and the target text fields (if hidden text is enabled). It compares the old source text of a segment already existing in the database with the new source text to be translated.

The example in Figure 2 below shows a 78 percent match due to a slight difference in the English sentence as shown in Figure 3. In this example, you can either change the translation by overwriting it in the target text field or leave it unchanged as the meaning in not affected in this case.

Figure 2 – Source and Target Text Fields

If the memory contains more than one match, you can browse by clicking on the highlighted arrows next to the percentage in the lower left corner of the Trados window shown in Figure 3. In this example there is only one match so that the arrows are not available in this case.

Note: To display the Trados window in which the differences appear highlighted, you can either toggle between Word and Trados, or you can minimize Word to a smaller size and arrange Trados Workbench on top of the Word window in order to see both windows at the same time.

Figure 3 – Trados Workbench window showing the difference between the old and new source text