5.1 S-tagged Files

Run the S-Tag Verifier on the files before delivering them to us, and clean any errors.

NOT TO DO in Trados when working on S-tagged files:

Do NOT insert a space before or after , which is the tag for an unbreakable space.

Do NOT insert a second tag for an unbreakable space () before or after an existing tag for an unbreakable space: .

Do NOT use the unbreakable space that is used in Word. It does not work in s-tagged files. Please use the tag to insert an unbreakable space before a colon or quote.

Do NOT touch/translate variables. They are in red and start with.

Do NOT touch/translate crossreferences. They are in red and start with:xr. They will be replaced with the correct translation later automatically, i.e. after reconversion to the respective software such as Framemaker. The translation will be taken from the translation of chapter or figure names in a different place of that file or from a different file. Examples: xr “Viewing Packets With tcpdump” 10 or :xr “CHAPTER 6” 7 or xr “Figure 6-11” 8.

Do NOT forget a start or end tag. Always put a start tag and an end tag. For a font change this looks like the following: String.

Do NOT delete any code. (When working in Word, please display the hidden text, so that all code is seen.)

Do NOT work in Word 2000!