Open Trados Translator’s Workbench.

Open the memory which you received with the files to translate by selecting File/Open, OR create your own memory by selecting File/New.

Open WORD 97.

Display the Trados toolbar by selecting View/toolbars/TM4win.

Open the file you want to translate (it should be in rtf format), and display the hidden text.

Open the first segment by clicking on the Open/Get icon (2nd from left) in the Trados Workbench toolbar shown in Figure 1. The source text appears on a blue background and the target text on a yellow background as shown in Figure 2.

Open Open/Get Get Translation Restore Souce Copy Source Set/Close Next Open/Get Translate to Fuzzy Set/Close Close Concordance Get Previous Placeable Get Current Placeable Get Nex Placeable Get Previous Term Get Current Term Get Next Term 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Figure 1 – Trados Workbench Toolbar

If the source text contains any tags, make sure that you copy the source text into the target text field first before you translate the segment, in order to keep the original tag format. This is also very helpful if you want to reuse names, numbers, etc. without typing them again. To do so, click on the Copy Source icon (5th from left). DO NOT use the Copy/Paste feature from Word to copy source text into the target text field as this will affect the text format!

Note: If you want to have the original English text right away in the target text field, this can be set automatically. To do so, go to the Options menu of the Workbench, and select Translation Memory Options. In the General tab select Copy source on No-match.

Translate the segment.

Then you have three options. Select one of the following icons:

To save the translation and add it to the memory, click on the Set/Close icon (8th from left); OR

To save the translation, add it to the memory and go to the next segment, click on the Set/Close Next Open/Get icon (6th from left); OR

To close the segment without saving it to the memory, click on the Close icon (9th from left).

The concordance feature is very helpful. This allows you to quickly search the memory for an exisiting term. Just highlight the term in the Word file and click on the Concorcance icon (10th from left). This displays all entries included in the memory, and you can copy/paste from them.