Do you prefer to study some foreign languages at home, in private course or just go abroad? I can say that from my own experience that for sure abroad is the best choice. When I was working in Italy after 1 month I have achieved better level of Italian language than when I was studying Italian for 1 year at university.
 Now I am going to describe you some reasons which support studying foreign languages abroad.
–         you will learn to speak- at school there is usually not many opportunities for speaking
–         You will practicea foreignlanguagein practice.- school is always only school
–         You will not be so shy any more in using foreign language
–         You will learnself-reliance
–         You will meet new people, maybe find friends for life- I can confirm that for sure
–         The opportunity tolearn about other cultures.
–         Great experience
–         Opportunity to travel
–         Good point in your CV
Today we live in globalization. You have many opportunities for studying or working abroad. Trust me that one day your employer will appreciate this experience and it can helps you for finding the job of you dream. In professions like translators or interpreters it is almost necessary to spend some time abroad.
Do you agree with me? Do not postpone it and let’s do it now. Let’ s go somewhere abroad to study some foreign language. This time I have chosen Barcelona thus Spanish language which I love.

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