Do you think that German is a nice language and sounds beautiful?
I live very close to Germany (around 20 km) but I do not speak German at all. I have always been a bit sceptical about that. However I have started to like this language few years ago when I found my first friends from Germany. You can recognize Germans very easily. They have their typical accent in English. The fact is that German language is becoming more and more important in the world, especially in Europe. Thus you should think about learning it. No matter how it sounds for you, ugly or beautiful.
Which languages sound beautiful? We could say French, Italian or Spanish, but German? Look at this video and you will see the difference between those foreign languages very clearly and then you can make your decision and answer the question. For me German language does not sound good but I would like to learn it. If  I see or hear Germans to speak I am not able to translate anything what they say, not even one word. How about you, do you like German language?

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