Today is common that young people study two foreign languages in schools. In past it was usually only one language. I come from the Czech Republic. When my mother studied at elementary school they had to learn Russian language. There were not many options. Today we live in kind of different world. We have more options for everything so it is getting harder to choose. Thus the basic question you have to answer to yourself when you study at school is: What kind of foreign language I should choose and why. In other words what is the best choice for me??
 The answer can be different across the world. I live in Europe so I will focus on it.
English is basic. You have to know this language. Even if you know only one language it should be English. Why? Because everywhere people speak and understand it so it is very useful when you travel or when you look for a job.
English is official language in countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, South of Africa.


Germany has the strongest economy in Europe. If you speak German you will find a job there very easily and it is very good paid. German you should understand almost all of Europe because it is here one of the most used languages.It is not so easy because of its grammar and pronunciation.
German is official language in countries: Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein,LuxembourgSwitzerland, Belgium
A friend of mine has very interesting experience with companies in Russia. If you do not speak their language they will not make a business with you. For someone is Russian difficult language for another is easy. The uniqueness inthe Russian language is Cyrillic alphabet, which is the font thatis used in Russian. Thus you read everything differently than you write.
Russian is official language in countries: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.
French is a beautiful language. Howevercompared to other European languages ​​is quite difficultso if you have alanguage problem, it is not a very good option. Almost everything is read differently than it says. It is also notquite suitable for people who have problems with the pronunciation of the letter R.French R is beautiful, but can cause problems.I have studied French for many years and I have to admit that as a foreign language it has amazing sound.
French is official language in countries: France, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, many countries in Africa such as Senegal for example
It is one of the most used languages ​​in the world. Many foreign schools have Spanish as a second language. It is also very beautiful and quite easy language. Thus if you have a problem with foreign languages​​, Spanish could be a good choice for you. A big plus is that when you write something you usually read the same. So pronunciation is not hard.
Spanish is official language in countries: Spain, most of states in south and central America.
Italian is probably not so much used as the other languages​​ but it is a wonderful and easy language. It is my favourite one. I speak italian and I love it.
Italian is official language in countries: Italy, San Marino, Vatican, part of Switzerland
So, which language are you going to choose? For me it would be for sure as a first language English and as a second one Italian. Then I would start to learn Spanish because it is quite similar to Italian. I like studying foreign languages, translations everything what is related with this topic. I could be even translator one day. So, let’ s study because it is important.

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