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What’s happening in the world?
Previously we saw that Bashar al-Assad talks too much but doesn’t listen to his nation at all.
Kate Middleton makes a lot of ink flow, between her recent stated pregnancy, her official portrait and her looks, it seems like press is interested in the princess’s life.
Obama’s investiture ceremony

Obama tries hard to serve the American citizens: will his plan for gun control be effective? What would happen exactly with the same sex marriage that is now haunting the French press? The investiture ceremony of the president took place this week and Beyoncé as guest-star sang the national anthem. Now show us what you got Obama!

Famous Spanish football player Gerard Piqué poses with Shakira who looks happy in the picture with her baby bum. and the baby is expected to be born next week. Hopin they won’t call the  baby piqué, in french, it means what it means…

A survey from the British Journal of Psychiatry reveals that quitting smoking makes less nervous and reduces stress (I think people need stronger argument than this one).

Hollande and Merkel

French president Hollande and german leader Angela Merkel celebrate the 50 years of the Elysee Treaty that ended centuries of conflict between the two European countries. Who said they don’t like each other?

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