“Chávez has to provide a proof of his life”says the venezuelan opposition

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez


Henrique Capriles,  leader of the government’s opposition

To recap the different steps of Hugo Chávez’s mandate, when the president was re-elected on 7 October 2012, his opposition denounced that he used the state funds to support his own campaign. Now the Venezuelan president can hardly serve his people because it’s been 6 weeks that he has been hospitalized in Cuba for health matters. The schedule of his official inauguration was 10 January 2013 but he could not afford it. Some politicians such as constitutional law professor Jose Vicente Haro, thinks that the Venezuelans should foreseen to make new elections if the president is unable to assume his functions. Transparency is the word that comes up a lot, indeed the opposition claims that the government never had been clear concerning the president’s progress, since the beginning, Chavez’s health has always been subject to many rumours. Nevertheless, Vice-president Nicolas Maduro stated on January the 20th that the president health is getting better and that he would sooner return to Venezuela without mentioning a specific date. Henrique Capriles, the leader of the opposition wants the government to provide a proof of life of the Venezuelan president. In fact, many Venezuelan suspects that the president’s condition is worst and that he could be dying. I will say that it is up to the government to deny the rumours.

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