The Olympic Games are one of the most important sports event all over the world, and therefore organizing such an event is a challenging and expensive task. This year’s main organisers were Russians and, it is fair to say, they didn’t do their job as well as they could have.

At the beginning of the Olympic Games, there were still hotels with no reception, and with rooms without handles, locks, curtains or heating. Tap water in the bathroom was flowing in questionable brown-orange colour, while the sign “don’t wash your face because it may contain something very dangerous” also attracted guests’ attention.

Furthermore, there were also a lot of translation mistakes. These are a few:

sochi fails 6

Velkom to Sochi

sochi fails 2


sochi fails 5

Daily picks and flicks

sochi fails 3


Preparing the translation takes a lot of attention in terms of the context, grammatical accuracy and overall quality. However, it is also necessary, and very important to consider the cultural and linguistic characteristics of the environment in which the translation will be used. Due to the fact that translators do not know all the linguistic characteristics of the environment, it is necessary for them to take the advice of native speakers and lecturers, who come from country where the translation is intended.

They can sense details of the text which translator may not have noticed. Native speakers and lecturers correct grammatical errors, adjust the style of writing according to the purpose of the text, and replace the word order and phrases. Overall, they make sure to avoid any inconvenience and confusion, and contribute to creating a high quality text that reads well, and is also understood in the way it is intended.

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