Timothy Doner

Timothy is a proven polyglot, having learned 23 different languages so far. What means polyglotism? Polyglotism is the ability to master numerous languages in short period of time.
 He is the youngest known person in the world with this capability. Do you how old is he? He is only 17

What are the foreign languages he speaks?

–         Hindi
–         Arabic
–         Croatian
–         Dutch
–         English
–         Farsi
–         French
–         German
–         Hausa
–         Hebrew
–         Indonesian
–         isiXhosa (an official language of South Africa)
–         Italian
–         Mandarin
–         Ojibwe (a Native American language),
–         Persian
–         Pashto
–         Russian
–         Spanish
–         Swahili
–         Turkish
–         Wolof
–         Yiddish

It is quite impressive, isn’t it? He is able to speak fluently in new foreign language after few weeks.

Timothy practices his language skills in the real-world by speaking with New York City cab drivers, interacting with others at restaurants and connecting with people around the world via e-mail and Skype.
Perhaps, Teen could be a good translator, don’t you think?

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