Have you ever driven a car or at least have you ever taken a bus driving on a very dangerous road somewhere in the mountains? I mean those mountain roads with billions of curves and big gaps down to the valley just behind the boarder of the road. It looks and for sure it is very dangerous, especially when you are in some country on the other side of the world, some developing country or just some country, you don`t trust and you have bad references about security for example…
I actually have this kind of experience. Last summer I was in India and we went to the mountain hill station called Ooty. It was very high in the mountains so the bus (imagine that old, Indian bus without glass in the windows, completely crowded…) had to take a very steep mountain road to get there. To be honest, I was really scared  watching out of the bus. It was beautiful but when I imagined what could have happend… Every curve I just expected some crash with another car because the roads were very narrow. Fortunately, everything went okay and we got to our destination without any problem.
I have found some roads that I find very interesting, some of them are that kind I metioned in my mini story, some of them are just beautiful, not so dangerous…
USA, Montana
USA, Florida

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