Do you like  translating, interpretation and everything what is related with foreign lanaguges? I do actually a lot. Today I have decided to write one article which is connected to this topic. I am gonna write about my favourite movie which is The Interpreter. I could watch this movie over and over again.
 What is the story? Well, the main actors in this Interpreter movie are Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn. The main idea of the story is related with politics. The director Sydney Pollac has filmed it right at the UN headquarters which is quite interesting, right?
Nicole Kidman plays a translatorfrom south of Africa.
She is very clever and she can translate from many foreign languages. One of them is a very special african dialect which only people from specific village in Africa can understand. One day she has heard by mistake a conversation about the planned murder of an African president in the African dialect. That was the moment when she has became the target and she has to save her life. Sean Penn as an agent from FBI will help her.
You can check more information about this film here for example:
I have to admit that this movie had a big influence on me. It caused an interest about translating and studying foreign languages generally. I highly recommend this movie. Maybe also you wanna be a translator or an interpreter, right? You never know.

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