As every year in the beginning of February, the biggest and definitely the most popular carnival takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Friday – Monday. The carnival lasts 4 days and 4 nights, so today is the very last chance to go and see all the costumes and ceremonies. Beautiful parades full of colours are still in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. The temperature in Rio is now slightly over 30 degrees, sunny and everybody is waiting for the last night of the festival, which is going to be absolutely crazy, as usually.
Carnival in RIO
Rio is not the only one city with the carnival tradition

at this time. For example, in Barcelona and it´s surrounding  smaller towns and villages, there are also many parties, carnevils and parades this week. Sitges is a village near Barcelona, which is very famous for it´s carnaval tradition, many people from Barcelona go to see the parades in Sitges, usually for one day, coming back to Barcelona the same day in the night or the next one very early in the morning. You can go to Sitges by bus or by train from Barcelona, it takes about 40 minutes.

innovative costume
I personally haven`t been to such a big carnival and I don´t think I will manage to go to Sitges this week because of my work but everybody I know highly recommends this event. I attendet one interesting carnival 2 years ago in one small Spanish town called Toledo. Although it is a small town, the carneval thing is a big tradition there and I can say that people there really like it. The main square and the main streets were full of film masks and  creatures, some of the costumes were really modern and ¨up-to-date¨, I remember a group of 6 guys wearing a Google costume (each of them one letter), that was really cool. By the way, this costume seems to be so original, that I even haven´t managed to ¨google¨ it :).
enjoy & have fun!!

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