Troubles with snow
Spring is coming and people expect nice weather and sunny days but the weather says something different. The east of Hungary is under snow, power-cut has been making troubles for almost one week, the government had to send military help to this area to help people in this situation. The soldiers will supply the citizens with warm food and they will also make a temporary tents with heaters to warm up the people suffering from cold. The engineers should repair the energy supply in the next days…

The weather is very strange last weeks, it changes a lot. I think in the summer we can expect again 40+  temperatures and everyone will be complaining about the heat. The clime in Central Europe is very interesting, the temperatures in winter can easily drop even below -20 degrees and then in the summer almost 40 or sometimes even higher temperatures appear.
I am actually a fan of something between. I hate cold weather but on the other hand, I hate hot weather (unless I am on holiday by the see or what…). I prefer 20-25 degrees, that is my favorite temperature range. So where to find a country with this temperature?? Hmm, I think Barcelona is almost the place I was talking about. The winter is not cold at all, the temperatures around 8-15 degrees are almost during the whole winter. Then in the summer no 40+ like for example in central Spain or in the south of the country. So if you are looking for a lovely place to stay, Barcelona is definitely that one!!!

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