Do you know sign language? When I was younger I did a course of sign language for 1 year in the Czech Republic. I have to admit that it was very interesting experience and I am proud of myself that I did it. I like helping people and my aim was to learn it and then maybe work as a translator from sign language.
What is sign language?
Sign language is a natural and adequate communicationsystem consisting of specific visual-motion means.
Sign languages​​originated spontaneously in deaf communitieswhere it is further developed. Members of this community may be in addition tothe Deaf and Hard of Hearing also interpreters, friends and family members of the deaf. Sign language can also be used by people with impaired speech.
The first country that approved the sign language as their official state language became the Island 2.6. 2011.
Sign languages can be different according to various regions. It is the same case as with spoken languages. Sign language is not universaland there are many sign languages​​which are mostly mutuallyunintelligible together.
Generally we can say that each spoken language has another character sign language. In case that there is a deaf community which is necessary requirement.. Sign languages ​​are isolated in the same way as spoken languages. We can speak about ​​geographical or cultural boundaries.


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