I have recently gone to 3 new shopping malls (2 in Barcelona, Spain and 1 in Bratislava, Slovakia) and I relized their marketing strategy how to attract people or how to keep the customers longer in the mall. The escalators are designed very wisely.
You can´t use all the stairs you see to go up/down stairs. When you just want to go to one shop you already know, you cannot go directly and then get back using the same escalator. You have to walk (usually to the other side of the mall) to find the right one. Thats very clever but sometimes it makes me very angry and nervous, especially when I have no time and when I just want to go to the certain shop and buy some certain thing. I am not sure but I don´t remember such a trick before, in older shopping malls.
Wrong way man
When I was in Krakow in Poland 2 months ago, I saw one interesting thing. We got off the train and obviously, we were in the train station. Then we were just following the exit signh and after 30 seconds we appeared in a shopping mall. The train station simply turned to the shopping mall. Thats very clever. On the other hand, it has one big disadvantage. Many lost people with their baggage going up and down the mall, trying to leave the mall. All the toilets are full couse people tent to go to the toilets after getting off the train sometimes. The worst for me was the fact that there were many homeless people who are usually in the train stations but in this case, train station = shopping mall. However, it is a good idea to connect a train station and a shopping mall but you can´t expect the shopping mall will be a posh or luxorious one. Although the shopping mall was brand new, that feeling of the train station was simply there…
Homeless people in the shopping mall

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