St. Valentine´s Day takes place every year on 14. February. Although it is a working day, people celebrate it in many countries around the world. It is typical that couples fallen on love go for a romantic dinner with candles on the table to some nice restaurant or they just cook at home trying to make a romantic atmosphere with decoration, music and hearts. Men also buy flowers and bouquets for their girlfriends or spouses, especially red roses, which is a typical colour for this day. If you don´t have any partner, don´t worry, just spend this day as usually, it is not an obligation to go for a romantic dinner with somebody just because of the magical date in calendar…
symbol of St. Valentine´s Day
There are also many thematic parties these days, not only
for those fallen in love but also for those who are looking for love. Actually I was about to make out some plan for this day but unfortunately, the person I wanted to spend this day with is not going to be here…There are also parties “against” St. Valentine´s Day called kind of ” we don´t care about Valentine´s Day”.
A few weeks ago, I was walking in the streets of Barcelona and I saw one fast food with burgers. That is quite common in such a big city.  The only thing why It was not so common is the shape of the burgers. I am not kidding you but the shape was a HEART. Really, burges looking like a heart. I am not talking about any special St. Valentine´s Day offer, that looked like a regular daily offer. Check out the picture below.
Heart burgers

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