What translating means?
At the beginning we should make clear what actually translatingmeans. Translation isa textwritteninanother language, sothat the twotextshavethe same meaning. We are trying to make the best translation. In translating world it means to catch the point in the best possible way.
What are essential prerequisites for the work of translators?
If you want to make translation you are supposed to achieve few conditions which are necessary for this kind of job.
Well, in the first place it should be the excellent knowledge of foreign languages. Basically in three areas which are reading, speaking and writing. When we study some foreign language we can achieve many different levels of it. According to CEFR (Common European Framework of reference)we basically distinguish six levels. Level C2 is mastery or proficiency.  The knowledge of your mother tongue has to perfect which means exactly level C2.
Secondly it is very important to have some experiences with translating.We all know that in the worst situation are graduates because they usually do not have many experiences. However if you study translating the diploma from your university could you help a lot to find a good job. If you did not study foreign languages you should have at least some another document which can prove your good knowledge of it. You can make one of  several exams like FCE, TOEFL, CAE etc. It is necessary to make these exams on the highest possible level.

Currently person who apply for a job as a translator has to have some computer skills because translating requires using the translation software.

Another important skills which you need as a translator is to have a good intuition, logical thinking, be accurate, resistant to stress, responsible etc.
Good translator should be focus on specific areas of subjects. This person knows terminology and has good overview about everything related with his job. Specializedtranslatorisalwaysbetterthan “generic translator”.
The professionalism of translators
Every translator has to know his own abilities as well as limits. Good expertise is one of them. If you did not understand the topic you would not translate the text in the best way. Another thing is your value. You need to know how much money to ask to your customer. Be careful of this you should not ask too much neither have a very low price. Finally you should be aware of your capacity. I mean handle your work in exact period of time which you promised and without personal injury.


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