The official name of the country: The Independent State ofPapua New Guinea. Have you ever heard about this country? It has been my dream to visit this state since Elementary school. I had to write a piece of paper about some kind of indigenous tribes(so I have chosen some tribe from PNG because in this state there are plenty of them).

official flag
 Population: 6 431 902 (it is estimation, the real number nobody knows)
Capital city: Port Moresby


Official language and the most used languages:
     Tok Pisin (official)
English (official)
Hiri Motu(official)
and about836 different indigenous languages ​​and dialects.
It is quite interesting, isn’t it? They use so many languages. Probably in most of indigenous languages even do not exist any translators. They speak only mother tongue. There are groups of people who live in small villages. Let’s say than some village could have around 50 people of this tribe. Nobody else understand their language, what they say. I think it is nice that they still keep part of their culture.
The ethnic composition (the largest ethnic groups):
Papua New Guinea is an exotic country where people outside the big cities continue to live a traditional life ritual. People use their traditional clothes (almost naked). It provides for visitors from Europe very specific toa mysterious cult atmosphere. Residents are not aggressive, certainly, it is recommended to travel to areas outsidethe city with a local guide.

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