I am sitting on my chair at work for few hours every day.
 This fact makes me think about my health. Who does not have backache or similar problems? Professions like translator, accountant etc. are full of people with this troubles. Is that sound familiar to you? Keep reading the article.
What are the duties of translator? Translator is committed to prepare his task and  submit it in the agreed date. That could be sometimes problem, right? You have lots of things to do and you are pressed for time. What is the result? Well, let`s say that you, as atranslator sit all day long in front of you computer and translating pages. The time is relative for you.
In fact there are many examples of people who have permanent healthy troubles from work because they just did not pay attention very much in that moment to these things.
I found on the internet the article from practice. A woman who works as a translator was in pain for 3 months. Her backbone is damaged. She also has spent 10 days in hospital.
In Germany there are even articles in magazines that these healthy issues are common for people between 20- 40 years old. It is like a new disease of civilization. Thus if you are a translator or you have a similar job where you sit for hours on your chair pay attention now.
What you should do is this: once per hour stand up and stretch yourself, start to do a yoga or something, buy quality chair because it is a good investment, during the weekend do not sit at home but go for a walk or be just outside, do not be so stressful it is just a work.

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