A woman with a mobile phone
Many people have noticed a woman holding a mobile phone by her ear in one movie from 1938. How is it possible? The first mobile phone patent was registered in 1969, which is more than 30 years later. The movie  was shot before the World war II. and there is no doubt that there were no mobile phones that time. So how is it possible? What happened in the movie? Is that a miracle? Some people say that the woman traveled in time and she brought the mobile phone from the future. Yeah, that sounds interesting, but not very likely. The only way how could this happen is that she met Marty McFly with his time-traveling DeLorean from the movie Back to the future and the came back to the past to the movie shooting with the cell phone….
Back to the future movie
The official version of this miracle is more likely to happen. Some experts say that the actress knew some employees of one telecommunication factory where the mobile phones or better said some ancestors of them were being developed. So the official explanation of the miracle is that the women was holding one of the first prototypes of the mobile phones in the world!! Interesting isn´t it?
Detail of the phone
Something similar happened in one movie with Charlie Chaplin. The gadget that was used there was probably just a device for better hearing for those who cannot hear well…

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