In the beginning, it is important to know what does it mean to be rich and famous. In my opinion, it is the successful life when some kind of people are able to have everything what they want and other people around them want to be like they are: so people who are not so rich, famous and popular starting to behave, dress or even talk like them, who are rich and popular. Because of that, someone start to envy, but on my view, it is nothing wrong to be in the spotlight. After all, you can feel “alive” and different than the others in this big world. It is really joyful to be unique in all possible ways. Money, status, prestige, beauty, health and mind are one of the most important things speaking about ability to be rich and famous.
Accordingly, I have got person who inspires me speaking about successful career. He is Richard Branson and he is my authority. I strongly believe, that our minds can influence us to become rich and famous: we just need to work hard, be patient, disciplined and honest with other people. We also need to be able to combine theory ant life experience. Richard Branson is popular business man and the 212th richest person in the world. It is my biggest wish to be so unremitting like him.

     Moreover, there is another one man who inspires me a lot too. It is – William Morgan, the translator of the first version of the whole Bible into Welsh from Greek and Hebrew. His achievement is now looked on as a major monument in the history of the Welsh language; it meant that the Welsh people could read the Bible in their first language at roughly the same time as their English neighbours had the privilege. So in my opinion translating is some kind of the begining of  being free. I think translators are people who let us open the windows of knowledge.
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     Therefore, in my opinion, it is really important to be “free”. To be free to communicate and to be able to choose your own way in the life are the biggest wealth in the world. Paulo Coelho is famous for his books about life. I strongly believe, that freedom to use words as a weapon is his “life engine” because of that he is so popular and a lot of people read his books with love and excitement. My biggest wish is to be so creative like him. And if not translators I do not think that I would know about this author. So should I say “thanks“? I think I should…
     Fourthly, inside beauty is one of the facts which are very important too, so Mother Teresa  is one of my ideals too. She is a symbol of humanity. On my view, all people need to be like her: pretty inside, smart, helpful and clean hearted. In a happy life we need to see beautiful things: flowers, sun, rainbows and so on, but it is not enough, we need to be beautiful too. So Mother Teresa shows us that it is absolute truth.

     The last, but not the worst point is – health. So, if we want to be healthy we need to do exercises. Because of that my last ideal is – Usain Bolt. He is the fastest man in the world.

     All in all, I have mention five, in my opinion, the most important things speaking about wealth: mind, intelligence, creativity, beauty and health. So now I am able to answer to my question: Would I like to be someone rich and famous? No, I don’t want to be like someone else, I just want to be myself and have these five important attributes. I strongly believe that it is possible; I just need time and more resolve!:) What about you?

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