Have you ever thought about how important yuor language is? Maybe other people is trying to learn your language and you do not even realize how lucky you are because you already know it. I gonna show you list of the world’s most widely spoken languages (according to George Weber):

Mandarin Chinese (1.1 billion)
English (330 million)
Spanish (300 million)
Hindi/Urdu (250 million)
Arabic (200 million)
Bengali (185 million)
Portuguese (160 million)
Russian (160 million)
Japanese (125 million)
German (100 million)
Punjabi (90 million)
Javanese (80 million)
French (75 million

So if you have a chance to learn another language wich one would you choose? I would choose Chinese, because China is economicaly growing country, it means that it might be that one day China will be country which gonna have good business, carrier, studies oportunities.
Also for me China is like a different planet, like a place totaly different than rest of the world. Chnia is surrounded by huge mountains, ocean and deseet. It feels like all the most beautiful things of the nature is in the one place – China.

Also I would like to know French language too. For me it is like a love language, it is like a romantic melody. I think Paris is one of the most beautiful city of the world, this city has some kind of smell of the history, bohemia and drama. I would like to be able to understant this melody, this kind of love song. So for me the second one is French language.

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