In Lithuania the main languages on television are English, Russian, French and Spanish. Of course, all of them are translated by Lithuanian translators. So normaly we do not watch movies on their original languages. On the one hand, it is not good because we are not able to deepen our knowledge of other languages, for example, English. On the other hand it is really good: because of the globalization process world is becoming smaller and smaller, there is no time or place limits, same about languages. For example, at the moment people in Lithuania are able to watch movies even in Indian or Turkish languages, of course, tranlators translate everything to our native language, but it is still unbelieveble good. The reason why I am so excited is because couple month ago I had a chance to watch a Turkish movie about their religion and tradicions. I can easily say that it helped me to deepen my cultural knowledge. And I even learnt a bit Turkish: “Mashallah“ 🙂
“Takva: a man’s fear of God”, so even the name of the movie can tell many things about it. What kind of things? Answer is – Islam religion!


First of all, before I started to watch this movie I was thinking how I feel about religion, and could say that on my opinion, I am religious person, but I do believe in God, not in the religion, I do have my own God in my heart and I follow his rules, maybe I am not so strict, but I still love him. Same like the main character in this movie, but the differences is, that he was also really into devotions and other religion rules which are of course made by God, by Bible, by Koran, etc., or by really clever people, who were able to put everything in one. Of course it is everyone’s private opinion.
On my view, religion is such a good way to control people. Why? Because, for example, Christians’ have The Ten God’s Commandments, Muslims’ have ten as well, for example: don’t steal, don’t lie, etc. so it should be commons sense, but it is written down and called Religion. I would think that, as a sociologist, I can use structural functionalism to talk about it as well, why? Because of the functions: every single part, system, structure in the society has got their own functions, for example education system: educate, teach, deepen knowledge, “open the doors” for knowledge, etc., hospitals – take care of people’s health, look after it, etc., religion – bring faith, believes to the world and every individual separate and also same like police or government – CONTROL! Such a strong word with such a big meaning of it. Also I could say that while we are talking about religion we should not forget gender sociology in this respect. For example, in Christian religion man is the main persona, the main character and even in the legend about first two people: we can see that man is better character, or we have stories that first of all God created man and then woman from his rib. So it shows that man is really the most important one. Also this movie is not only about religion, it is about week man, who was showed as a really strong religious minded, but in reality he could not make his own life, so he had God to help him out, but what happen in the end? He could not control himself anymore, he lost himself. And I would say that all because of his unacknowledged about real, sometimes dangerous world. He was not able to deal with himself and his new role in the life (he become a second hand of his ‘’master’’ – Imam). Yes, he was really afraid of God, but living in this way does not mean you going to become better person or you going to end up in a really happy way, you also have to have brain in your head, minds which you would be able to use in a right way and control yourself.

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Also we can see such kind of a strange love in this movie: main character was upset about beautiful laddie and about making love with her, it was actually killing him and this is the main reason why he lost his mind. He could not stop his natural attraction, and he was pushing himself too much. So is it right? I would say – not! All people are biological organisms and they have appetences, so they can’t just stop themselves or think that this is not right.
menSo in conclusion I want to point, that on my view this movie is about religion, which made one man go crazy, it is about week man who could not deal with himself, I think this movie shows that everything should be mutual and limited, people cannot go over the top, they have to use their own brains and try to live the life, try to achieve something. This movie is about mediocrity person who got power but was not able to use it right. It is about biological instincts which are really important as well. So all in all – it is about man’s too big fear of God. Finaly I can say: I am excited that I had chance to watch it and share my opionion about it, this is the good thing of globalization and translators doing their hard job well.

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