In the world exists more than 2650 languages, and more than seven thousands dialects. It´s not that easy to decide which language is the hardest one. Every language has it´s difficulties, and it´s difficulty depends on who’s learning it.
Mother tongue is crucial factor while talking about difficulties about other languages. For example, if you know italian language, to learn spanish or portugese is much easier, despite the fact, spanish language has difficult grammar structure. It’s all the same if you know chinese, when it’s easier to learn japanese.
Chinese language hasn’t usual grammar structure, so it’s easier to learn it than other foreign languages – in the beginning it’s enough to remember main symbols.
Individual abilities is very important as well. One of the people has inborn talent, and the others – not. Environment, learning tools, motivation, and even conditions, all of this influence foreign language learning process.
Nowadays most difficult languages is basque, which is spoken in some Spain and France regions, and hungarian. On the other hand, german and russian languages punctuation systems is one of the most difficult in the world.
Languages, with common used symbols, can appear very hard for those, who are used to latin alphabet. However, if we would look deeper, it showed up, they are not that difficult. Experts agree, that it’s not that hard to learn chinese or korean languages for western people, but they can find difficulties learning japanese and vietnamese languages.
Of course, even english is more difficult than people, using this language from the childhood thinks. It has hard pronunciation, and more than 500 irregular verbs, although common used there’s less – from 100 to 250. Also, there’s many words that are written exactly the same, but has different pronunciation, depending on the meaning.
So, the most difficult 5 languages would be: arabic, chinese, japanese, korean, hungarian.
It’s hard to say which is the most difficult, every language has it’s nuances. For example, arabic language has not much in common with european languages. In written arabic language, there’s less vowels, so it’s hard for those, who learns to read in arabic.
In chinese language, meaning of the word changes depending in what intonation it was said. Moreover, there’s thousands hieroglyphs with difficult written system. Japanese language has some similarities with chinese, and has 3 different writing systems.
Korean language is known for it’s hardest verbs conjugation forms. In written korean language there’s many chinese hieroglyphs. Hungarian – one of not many “independent” languages, nobody knows it’s historical origins it’s nohow related with any of the basic languages, how with, for example, latin related with french, spanish with italian.

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