Language – is not only human interaction. It determines our thinking and ethnic uniqueness. In other words,  the language we speak depends on how we perceive the world around us. For example, the Hopi Indians have no past tense of the verb, so they usually do not think or talk about the past.


Los 5 idiomas mças hablados del mundo

How many languages are in the world?

Estimates show that there are almost 7 thousand different languages ​​and dialects in the world. It is interesting how 2200 languages come from Asia, and only 260 from Europe. Languages around the world can be divided into linguistic families. For example, from Proto-Indo-European language family arose such as Greek, white (for example, Lithuanian, Latvian), Germanic (German, Danish, Swedish, and so on).

What is the hardest language to learn?

It is really hard to determine which language is the easiest or hardest to learn for an individual. It mainly depends on their native language and factors such as pronunciation, vocabulary and sentence structure. For example, for Germans, it will be easier to learn one of the Germanic languages, such as Swedish, whereas for Polish people it is much easier to learn the Slavic languages (for example it would be easier for them to learn Czech language than Japanese). Viceversa for Japanese people, it would be incredibly hard to speak Russian. My native language Lithuanian would be the easiest for Latvians. Both languages belong to the Baltic language group, which is characterized as archaic, and studied in many research centers. For this reason, the meaning of the Baltic languages is considered special.

Mowgli fate

You have probably seen the cartoon movie  “The Jungle Book” (or “Mowgli”), which tells the story of a boy who grew up in the jungle with animals. On one hand, it is a fantasy of creative people, but with cases like this, researchers have to deal with the reality. For example, after some kind of disaster, children get lost or parents abandon them. Scientists think that almost none of the children who were reared by animals can return to a human society and adapt to it.

Did you know that …

► Half of the population of people in the world can speak two or more languages.

► It has been calculated that there are about 50 000 words in a different languages of the world, but people in their everyday speech are actively using only about 200.

► Latin alphabet is the most common alphabetical writing system in the world.

► In the Capital of United Kingdom, London, there are areound three hundred different languages, such as Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, Berber, Hindi, Punjabi, amongst others.

► Almost in every language of the world the word “mother” begins with the letter “M”. Exceptions to this pattern are only in the Ural-speaking languages, such as Hungarian (Anya), Finnish (äiti), Estonian (“ema”) and others.

► In the business world, there are six official languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Arabic.


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