London is one of the largest Capital in Europe and the most multicultural city in the whole world. As we all know the official language in England and whole Great Britian is English, but if you are planning to go there you should be aware of that there is many ways to speaking in english. especially in London-where you may find as many accents, dialogues and slangs as people who living there. Maybe not that much but still a lot. American english is more popular than english which is use on United Kingdom, when we compare them both we can see that they are totally different to each other. So you should not to be suprised when you will be walking on Trafalgar Square trying to understand what people speaking without any positive results. Really you will be understand nothing or only a bit, even if you havenºt had any problems with english before. 
Probably now you thinking why? The reason is quite simple and very complicated at the same time, which can be confused but be patient and let me explain what I keep in my mind. 
So as I mentioned befor, London is the most or one of the most multicultural place in whole world and with each new nation who decided to come to live there the structure of language is changing. Accumulation of ascents, dialogs and slangs which are omniprsent in London is varied as anywhere else where you could be before. Sometimes those form of speaking are understandable only for people who belong to specific close group within this form is using on the daily Basics.
This forms of speaking makes this city even more intreastng, but this time I want to focus on the one of the most common dialect which is widespred in London. The name of this dialect is Cockney. I think some of people could hear this before, for example in Guy Riches film Snatch where most of the character used this form of english. The word cockney in old english meant person who live in London or in the area of London. There are alos existing others definition of etymology of this name, but I think that this one is the most likely and true.
Who is the Cockney? In acordance to history the real Cockney is a person born a certain area of London, that is covered by “the sound of Bow bells”. Nowadays the Cockney area included the discricts like Bethnal Green, Whitechapel, Spitalfields, Stepney, Wapping, Limehouse, Poplar, Clerknwell, Aldgate, Shoreditch, Millwal, Hackney, Hoxton, Bow and Mile End contained within the borough of Tower Hamlets (banded by Westminister to the west and the river Lea to the east, with Victoria Park to the north).
Cockney speakers have a distinctive accent and dialect, and occasionally use rhyming slang. What is rhyming slang? Rhyming slang phrases are stream from an expression which rhymes with a word nd then using that expression instad of the word. For exemple the word “nice” rhymes with chicken and rice. In many cases the rhyming word is omitted so you can not find so many Londoners having a “bucher`s hook” instead of this you can find a few having butcher`s.
Here you can see some examples from Cockney rhyming slang dictionary:
Cab(taxi) – sherbet dab
easy – bright and brezzy
face – Boat race
There is many others words in a dictionary of Cockney and of course people still inventing new. So we can say that development of Cockney dialect is naturaly in acordance to time in which we live.
This post is only a little peace about what the Cockney really is and that`s why I`m going to back again to this topic in future and write more about this unique dialect in future.
Below you can listen a conversation between American and English who speaking in Cockney? Are you able to understand the English guy?

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