It´s not a big surprise nowadays to hear a person had visited Turkey. It´s really warm, open and friendly country. It has beatiful nature, sunny beaches, and of course, small prices. Sadly, all this ending with Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, and few more names. But it´s a must to hear something more about Turkey.
Imagine a city, with all it´s frozen history, and very colourful one, with all it´s culture and traditions, city, with multicultural people. It´s probably sound like Istanbul? But i want to talk about totally different city, which deserved more attention – Diyarbaıkr. It’s located in south east of the Turkey, but it was part of Kurdistan, so we can find Kurds in the city. And Armenian people as well. And these different people made this city very authentic. While walking down the street, you will hear not only official Turkish language, but indoeuropean Kurdish language as well.

This unknown land is very interesting for the tourists, but in the same way tourists in this land making big curiosity. When Diyarbaıkr city people saw tourist, you can see confusion in their eyes, but they are very interested, wants to talk with you, invites to spices or sweets shops, offers tea, turkish or kurdish coffee. But, all you can hear in english is “What is your name?” or “Where are you from?”. And everyone is very interested in this. By the way, english is not often language in the city, but still you can see sign “English first”, or “Free internet for tourists”.

Dijarbakyr  is easy not only to find, but to tame the city is easy and funny. That’s all for this very short story, about this nice, beautiful and ancient city.

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