By National Geographic Society, every two weeks in the world dies 1 language. If it’s gonna continue, in the world till 2100 will disappear 3500 languages. It’s almost half of the languages, humanity is talking at this moment. Most vulnerable are regions, where variety of the languages is the biggest. These hot spots are like New Guinea, Caucasus, Siberia. While disappearing languages in these regions, linguists trying to capture them, and only if possible, revive them, till people not switched to common languages.


And this is frightening challenge. In the world, there’s only 5-10% well known languages. Detailed material, illustrated sound or video recordings is not much, and the worsest thing is, that only 5% of all languages is well documented, and the rest 95% – not.
Generally, the less language speakers left, the less it’s know about the language. About 28% of world languages has less than 1000 speaker. And they are in danger. Scientists more than once proved themselves, that small languages is storage of knowledge about local regions therapeutic plants and ecology. When language dies, all this knowledge is lost forever.


There’s many reasons, why people cease to talk in one or another language. Despite this fact, it’s oftenly related with one essential problem. Economical activity is related with dominant language group, and dominant ethnic group, which speaks in that language. So it’s logical, that this language is associated with progress, socioeconomic development and gain of wellfare.
People are very sensitive for economic hierarchy, and if there’s a way to improve your situation in this hierarchy, by using one language instead of the other, when people are choosing this way. If this choise is not conscious, all this can be chosen because of the social pressure.
Politics is very important as well.Dominated national languages can be used to overcome the others, because it can be viewed as these other languages are improving social hierarchy. Because of politics like this, it’s a catastrophic situation in siberia, there’s a dictate of russian language.
It’s obvious, that it’s not enough only to talk about losses of the languages.

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