Do you like jokes? I love to laugh. So today I have decided that I am going write some jokes about foreign languages and we can all laugh together. It is very healthy anyway.

Translator gets 400 words to translate.
Client : How long will it take?
Translator : About a week.
Client : A whole week for just 400 words? God created the world in 6
Translator : Then just take a look at this world and afterwards take a
look at my translation.

A former secretary of commerce liked to tell how a high ranking official once responded to a subordinate’s request for a raise by saying, “Because of the fluctuational predisposition of your position’s productive capacity as juxtaposed to governmental statistics, it would be momentarily injudicious to advocate an incremental increase.”
The staff person said, “I don’t get it.”
The official said, “That’s right.”


A manager of a restaurant had called its owner to ask about whether or not she should hire a new waitress.
“She can speak twelve different languages, which will be good for foreign visitors,” said the manager.
“All right, so hire her,” the owner replied.
“But, sir…”
“I knew there would be a but. What’s wrong with her?”
“Sir, English isn’t one of the twelve languages.”


Once a front desk agent from a foreign country was trying to speak in English to a guest. Then the guest appreciated him and told “Where have you learned to speak English?”
The front desk agent replied “I have learned, ‘You understand?’ from our Managing Director, ‘I love you’ from the TV and ‘Good Morning’ from our receptionist madam.”


If the translator is a man, HE translates.
If the translator is a woman, SHE translates.
If the translator is a computer, IT translates.
If the translator is either a man or a woman, S/HE translates.
Whether the translatoris a man, a woman or a computer, S/H/IT
Sergio Viaggio
bonus: Video about english man who is going to Italy. It is very funny

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