I speak Italian but does it mean that I know Italian language? Well, that is good question actually. When you want to learn Italian you also have to learn how to speak with your hands otherwise it is not real when you speak. According to my opinion it just belongs to the culture. I cannot imagine Italians without speaking with their hands. Honestly, nobody will teach you this at school so I started to speak with my hands when I was working in Italy. Before I knew nothing about it.
In Italy I saw that people from South of Italy speak much more with hands that people from North of Italy. Italy had Spanish domination in the past and also in Spain people speak with theirs hands a bit. However not as much as Italians. That is for sure. What do you think about that, do you agree with me?
You should also keep on your mind that certain signals can mean different things like you have different dialects or accents in Italy. Some of hand gestures are also very indecent but for sure it was the first hand signals which my friends from Italy taught me. Also some gesticulation can mean something different in another country so be aware of that..
Italian is very rich and colourful language. Every gesture means something and if you understand then you cantranslate to words quite easily. Sometimes I just do some gestures and I do not have to say anything and people know exactly what I am talking about. Talking without words, it is nice, isn’ t it? However when I speak with the hands in my mother tongue which is Czech language people around me think that I am a bit crazy.
If you want to learn Italian language you should know this Italian translations . Good luck with that.

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