I have recently seen many funny videos just browsing the net. I decided to choose the sports videos this time. I couldn`t believe when I saw them… It was just sooo funny. On the other hand, It must have been very stressful, at least for the goalkeeper it the second case. But that´s just sport, shit happens!!  I actually prefer the first one, the lucky goal in handball. I think this kind of goal occures like once in a hundret years… Simply BIG, BIG and once again BIG luck for the goalkeeper. Although one goal in handball doesn´t mean so much as for example in football, it must have been a very nice “gift” for the goalkeeper´s team.

Another funny moment was one “almost” goal the video below. The “almost scoring” player was already celebrating his goal because the ball was going clearly to the net BUT……..there was a slush and also a small lake in front of the goal so the ball stopped exactly on the goal line…What a pity!! Check it out and laugh out loud or just cry or whatever, it´s just incredible…
  Sometimes even the condition and weather can help a lot. Sometimes it´s not even fair but what can we do. There is a phrase that both teams have the same conditions, both teams start from 0:0 and both teams use the same ball during the game. This is absolutely true but sometimes the conditions are very bad and can be decisive in the match. For example, I rember one match in the Champions league group stage, it was FC Artmedia Bratislava – FC Porto, December, 2005 in Slovakia. The weather was very bad, it was snowing and raining for at least one week before the match and also during the whole match. The pitch looked like a potato field or something, the conditions were absolutely non-regular. I remember some moments, when the ball was about to get inside the goal, but the slush and water in the goal area of Porto helped them a lot many times… The match finished with a draw 0:0 but talking about a fair match would be debatable, couse the weather conditions apparently stopped the ball which was entering the goal 2 or even 3 times during the match. Bad luck again.So have a nice day and enjoy today´s El Clásico match!!

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