Do you think that you have good knowledge of your mother tongue? Probably yes. So, why it is so hard for you to study another language and still it is not like your mother tongue?
Well, the best is to start already when you are a kid. However, do not worry I will describe some tips what to do, how to study effective, be the best and maybe one day you can become a translator, who knows, right? I am saying if you are able to be so good in one language you can do the same in another one.
 The fact is also thatwith age it is gettingworse. More interest,more troubles, or less time and lessconcentration. On the other side it does not really matter because if you want to do something, you can do it. So, let’ s do it.
Classic studies in the classroom with the teacher quality is still considered as the most effective.
At the beginning it is necessary to make a clear and concise plan of study and set a specific goal.
Regular home study is essential (preferably at least thirty minutes a day).
Go to the course at least twice per week. In most of cases is quite hard to study only at home and alone.
Writing and learning vocabulary and individual wordsand phrases. You can write it down to notebook or just use your laptop.
Study grammar because it is important.
Prepare to overcome the crisis which will come for sure. Do not give it up. You can do it.
Do not be shy to speak even with mistakes.
With each lessonis always necessary to repeat vocabulary, phrases and grammar from previouslessons.
Use only one book for studying and do not change it all the time.
Studying foreign language it is a lifetime thing.
I hope this article gave some ideas and for sure you can do it.

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