Yes, it is important. Today, I write you some advices how to achieve it.
You can start your foreign experience already during your studies
– study on Erasmus or make Erasmus internship (like I did, highly recommend)
– be volunteer abroad
– work abroad during the summer- for instance you can be babysitter (like I was once)
Watch films with original subtitles.
That’s big true. It is the best way how to remember some phrases. I love serials so it is also fun for me.
Read books.
I recommend you to read books for children. There are quite easy every-day phrases.
Find a language exchange conversation in your city.
I live in city with 100 000 inhabitants. Even here I can find a place like this. For instance there is a one American restaurant where people have a chance to talk English every Wednesday in the evening. It is for free of course.
Listen radio.
You can listen for example BBC radio. One of the first things which my teacher in England told me was: “listen radio”.
If you want for example work abroad it is necessary for you to have high level of language skills. You do not need to have such as high level as atranslatorbut you should be able to communicate. Good luck with that

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