Do you need some translation and you are wondering  whether you should select a translation agency or freelancetranslator? In that case this article is right for you.
How to identify and select high-quality translation agency.
Before you actually choose a translation agency you should answer to yourself few basic questions. Here are some examples.
How longin their fieldtranslation agencyworks?
What are their clients?
How many employees the translation agency has?
What kind of translators the agency emloys? Do they have their own translators-emloyees or they have just freelance translators?
How the agency provides translation- specialists in a particular field?
How many translators will work on yourcontract?
How the agencyreaches final consistencyof style and terminology?
What kind of software the company uses for translators?
Ask for examples of work translator that will handle your translation (ask for expert opinion on them – for example, from a foreign branch of their company, etc.).
Make sure that the translation agencyprovides translation of basic proofreadingby a native speaker of the language.
Agency offers pre-calculate the final price including all additional allowances (for example express translations, professional and technical translations, …)?
Translation agency should designate one employee who will manage yourtranslation and willtake care of all your orders in the future.
Ask the complaints procedure in the event that youare satisfied with the translation.
After you searched information and you answered yourself all these basic questions, then you can decide about your agency.
There are good agencies all around the world so it could be hard to decide. Check carefully always the website of agency, here you have one example of company 1globaltranslator, which is situated in Barcelona.
Good luck with choosing yourtranslation agency.

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