Well, the situation is not good. I can tell you already at the beginning. Half of Czechs still does not speak foreignlanguages​​. It is true that people study foreign languages already at elementary school but actually they do not know how to use this language thus they cannot speak very good. According to the Eurobarometer survey, the Czechs are in the European Unionin terms of knowledge of foreign languages ​​at the 19. position. 50% people in the Czech Republic can speak at least one foreign language.
What are the excuses  we do not know foreign languages?
–         I do not have a time
–         I do not have a talent
–         I am too old for studying
–         I am too lazy
We could find more excuses. The thing is that usually it is very simple. You do not want to study foreign languages because if you do you can make it like everybody else. If you were able to learn your mother tongue you can learn other language as well. Actually you can achieve very good level.
What are the reasons why you want to study foreign languages?
–         I want to work abroad
–         I want to study abroad
–         I want to go for holiday abroad
–         I want to understand my favourite serial in their origin language
I can say from my own experience that I started to speak very well after I studied abroad. Before when I had knowledge only from school or some languages courses it wasn’ t that good. When I compare now with my classmates or friends I see big difference. So, if you honestly want to learn foreign language go somewhere abroad. It is the best thing that you can do. I always wanted for example translator or let’ s say just person who will use foreign languages at work every day because I love it. So, do not hesitate and go ahead 🙂

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