I have seen a lot of ridiculous and weird things in my life but what I have seen recently was quite shocking for me. I have just read an article about dyeing lawns in China. I am not kidding you, in Chengdu, China, they just paint the lawns to make them ´´greener´´. The thing is that lawn becomes yellow or even brown in the winter and that of course doesn´t look good! Well, it is a clever idea to paint the nature…but is it still nature then? That´s a good question. The company say that the dye is completely natural so that it doesn´t pollute the environment. The colour lasts then from 10-14 weeks on the lawn, it is not washed by the rain.
Well, it is a good idea, when an industrial city is so grey, without life, why not to paint it?? The only thing I am curious about is how can they do it so carefully that they don´t dye also the roads, pavements and other things around the lawn (see the picture).
Actually, it´s a good idea I think. Why not to turn a boring sad industrial city to a boring sad industrial city with green lawns?? In addition the grass is yellow or even brown during the winter and it looks quite depressing… So well done Chinese, good job!!

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