It exists a place in your daily life where you put your hands and not expect how dirty is it !

We are talking about your handbag.

Why ?

First, who is cleaning her handbag every week ? Nobody, of course.

But your handbag is in contact with many surfaces from the street to your work place without talking about fast food restaurants and public transports.

And that just the exterior face of the problem.

Inside it´s a true little worlds of bacterias full of various things among the dirtiest.

Are you cleaning your hands after purchasing something with coins ? Coins who were touched by thousands of hands or lost in gutters. Of course no. (this true story is not about health paranoiac people).

Worst : For the researchers from Initial Washroom Hygiene, the dirtiest things in your lovely women purse are hand cream, lipsticks and all your cosmetic products.

If you have that beautiful leather handbag, offered by your boyfriend during the last valentines day, you shelter more bacterias than the other kinds of handbag. Bacterias thank you warmly !

How avoid health risks ?

Be careful in where you put your handbag, it`s better to not put it in the floor for example.
You should wash it twice a year and inside too with wipes.

Ain`t nobody got time for that !

Or be nice with your boyfriend or your parents and ask for a new one each year.
It`s the only healthy (not wealthy) solutions you have. 

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