Today I have decided to write an article about dubbing. I come from the Czech Republic. It is a small country in the middle of Europe. I like watching movies, serials etc. The thing is that usually I do not watch TV in my country. Why is that? Because I also love foreign languages and I do not like that much dubbing.
What dubbing actually means? When I watch for example American movie it should be in English because it is the official language there but I watch it in Czech language because this movie is with dubbing. They translate the words from one language to another.

In my country there are only 10 000 000 inhabitants. We are small. Why we have a dubbing if it costs lots of money? Look at for example to Portugal or Estonia. Portugal has more or less the same number of people who live there. Estonia is smaller. There are about 1,34 million inhabitants. In Portugal and Estonia they do not use a dubbing. Why? Mainly because it is expensive and for such as small countries is not worth it. So, I am asking myself why we have this translation from one language to another in my country?

Dubbing has some advantages as well as disadvantages.
I will start with disadvantages. As I have mentioned before I love learning another languages. For sure I can learn better if I watch movie in their official language with subtitles. The truth is that if you listen the words you can remember phrases really easily. It is fun and you actually improve your languageskills.
What about advantages? If you read subtitles, you have to be more focus and pay bigger attention. With dubbing is easy. For sure it is a good thing for kids.

According to my opinion we should combine these two techniques. I do not like this idea that everything in my television is with dubbing. That is basically the reason why I do not watch it. I can also admit that I cannot imagine my life without it.

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