Argentinians sell ferrets saying they are dogs!! Clever Argentinian businessmen have recently invented a new way, how to reduce costs in selling dogs. If you are in Argentina and you want to buy a dog, especially Poodle or Chihuahua, make sure you really buy a dog!! The cheaters can easily sell you (mainly on the black market) a ferret, that looks almost exactly like a dog!!

How do they do it?? Well, after the birth, the small ferrets are being fed with the steroids, so that the ferrets become bigger and fatter and then they look similar to the Poodles for example. These “dogs” are also called Argentinian rats. So for the next time, make sure you will not buy a fake dog on the market :D. Actually, even a ferret can be a nice and good pet, people also have ferrets as pets but I prefer when I know what kind of animal is my pet…
The ferret
Other case says that one actress bought a lamb in Japan, thinking it was a Poodle…Well, I do not know, whether to laugh or to be sad about it, anyways it is very interesting.
The lamb

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