Nowadays, the world has approximately 6900 languages. About 500 are likely in the near future disappear . It is possible that after 150 years we will have only three active languages ​​which will be English , Spanish and Chinese.
What will happen with our translators? (if we had only three foreign languages)
Language with the largest vocabulary in the world is English which has 250,000 words.
Good to know when I have chosen English for studying.
Language with the smallest vocabulary has Taki Taki, with 340 words. Taki Taki language spoken in Suriname, which is located in South America.
Maybe I could study this language or not?
Mandarin Chinese is the mother tongue of most people in the world, more than 870 million .  This number is really high. For the future I would say that people should think about studying Mandarin Chinese. It is probably worth it.
English is also the language that has the most people in the world as their second language, around 510 million.
Most languages ​​in the world are spoken in Papua New Guinea. There are 820 active languages.
Most letters in the world has a language called Khmer (74 ).
The least letters has foreign language Rotokas with 12 letters . Rotokas entire alphabet consists of 12 basic letters modern Latin : A, E, G, I, K , O, P , R, S , T, U , V.
There is only language in the world which has irregular verbs. This language is Esperanto. Esperanto is the most widely used international planned language.
The longest Czech word ( nejneobhospodařovávatelnějšími ) has 30 letters.
The longest English word ( pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis ) still has about fifteen more letters .
From 1 January 2007 the EU has 23 official languages ​​( English, Bulgarian , Czech , Danish , Estonian , Finnish , French , Irish , Italian , Lithuanian , Latvian , Hungarian , Maltese , German , Dutch , Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak , Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish) .

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