Today I have decided to write an article which is related with European Union. I like living in Europe, how about you?
European Day of Languages​​is celebrated annually on the 26th September on the statement of the Council of Europe on 6 December 2001.The aim is to promote language learning and linguistic diversity as a tool forachieving greater intercultural understanding and an important part of the rich cultural heritage of Europe.
 I will tell you how people can celebrate this date in the Czech Republic.
The best opportunity is obviously in Prague which is the capital city. However you can celebrate also in other cities like for example Ceske Budejovice or Pardubice. So, how it actually works? Well, there is an interactive teaching of European languages in the form of speak dating. What does it mean? Within five to ten minutes those people who are interested in studying languages, talking and all things which are related to translating,  can go and have a talk with foreign language teachers in their mother tongue. There is also a small reward for you. If you try to speak at least in two foreign languages, you can win some book vouchers which is quite nice, isn’t? I love reading books. I have many books at home in czech and english language. I liketranslating so why not?
Languages ​​that can be tested are: English, Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, French, Italian, Lithuanian, Latvian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish. Participationis free of charge, without prior registration. If I went to the Czech Republic for sure I would try to speak in English, Italian, French, Spanish and maybe Portuguese because I know basics and I am not afraid to speak even if it is really hard.
 So, will you participate next year? I think it is very nice opportunity for you, guys how to improve your language skills. I will go for sure.

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