Watch TV and Movies. One of the best funny ways for learn foreing languages

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis – Armageddon
A scene almost like from a Hollywood movie Armageddon happend last week in Chelyabinsk, Russia. A relatively small piece of asteroid  started burning while falling very close to the Earth in the lower layer of the aerospace. This evoked a blast wave that damaged some parts of the city, including a hockey stadium of the KHL ice hockey team Traktor Chelyabinsk. Because of the asteroid thing, two matches were cancelled
and the stadium is still under reconstruction. Almost 400 people were injuired, fortunately, very few of them were seriosly injuired. See the video from Chelyabinsk below.
Will Smith – Independence day
So where was Bruce Willis that time? I guess he just didn´t consider that teeny-tiny asteroid important and he stayed in Hollywood shooting some new movie or something. Moreover, this “asteroid attack” was not anticipated, so there wasn´t time to hire any space cowboys and train them for the space trip to destroy the asteroid how it was in the movie. Although nothing serious happend, now we know that the disaster movie  scenes can occure in real life. I hope the alien invasion from the movie Independence day won´t happen, otherwise we would have to call Will Smith  couse he already knows how to fly an anti-alien air-fighter. I would suggest then to call also Charlie Sheen because he can also fly an air-fighter (even on reverse :P) and we would definitely have lot of fun…
Charlie Sheen – Hot shots
I have actually seen Armageddon at least billion times, either in Slovak or in Czech. I should try it once in original English version, I am really curious about some translations and phrases, especially those funny ones. These days, I was watching TV series Two and a half men in Spanish and it is also fun. I just needed to get used to it and after a few episodes, it was quite okay. Of course, it´s not so funny as in my language couse I don´t understand 100% of the conversations and expressions and even if, it is simply not so funny for me because I did not grow up with these phrases. In addition, I´m not used to them as much as I am used to those in my language. Anyway, it´s fun and I can say I am learning while watching TV :).
So be patient while learning any foreign language and have fun!!

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