Bart vs. Mr. Burns
In Birmingham, England happend one curious and maybe quite funny thing last month. A man was arrested by the airport police because of illegal possession of a gun. The name of the arrested man was Bart Simpson and he will appear in trial before judge called  Mr. Burns. This is note a joke, the same names as in the famous American TV series The Simpsons. Bart Simpson – a son of Homer Simpson and Mr. Burns – Homer´s boss from the nuclear power plant.
Although it is a funny situation, the procedure during the trial will go as usually, no exceptions or what, it is just a coincidence and it will not affect anything during the trial.
In the Tv series, Homer Simpson tends to punish Bart at home and then Mr. Burns tends to punish Homer at work because of his laziness and irresponsibility. In the above mentioned case, it will be diffeent, Mr. Burns will judge directly Bart so Homer might come to the trial as a spectator.

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