With and without make-up
Everybody knows very well the most famous “doll” for the girls called Barbie. I guess most of the girls had at least one Barbie when they were little. As the time goes, the manufacturers of Barbies have been developing new ideas and new marketing strategies. The Barbies are also “faces” and models promoting clothes or other accessories. Barbie is kind of perfect girl, every little girl wants to look like her.
I have recently seen one interesting picture about Barbie – it is Barbie with and without make-up. Well the make-up one is much prettier and I don’t think the producers would be successful with the non make-up Barbie. See the pictures you will see which one is definitely better. I know that it is good to know the reality, to know how a normal face without make-up looks like because that is actually normal but still, it is a Barbie, a well-know artificial girl that is famous for it’s beauty, so let’s keep her as beautiful as she was always famous for…
Enjoy and have fun 😛
Beautiful Barbie
Without make-up

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