Sergio Garcia playing the ball from the tree
A Spanish golf player Sergio Garcia showed last week a very interesting golf hit to the world  during the golf tournament in Orlando, Florida. In the final round, he messed up his hit and the ball ended up on a tree. In the beginning, it looked impossible to continue with that ball. Most of the players would take penalty and then a following new hit. Sergio Garcia felt like he had his day so he wanted to continue in the game with the same ball. He probably also wanted to make the game interesting for the fans, which is very nice, couse all the professional athlets do sport mainly for the fans and also just thank to the fans.

So Sergio climbed the tree, firstly he needed to identify the whole situation, if it was even possible to continue and hit the ball. After seeing the position of the ball, he figured out he would be able to hit the ball directly to the green. Imagine he would have hit the ball directly to the hole from the tree!!! If he had managed it, it would have been definitely the best hit in golf of all times!! Unfortunately, he didn’t get the ball directly to the hole but anyways, his hit was very nice and the fans couldn’t believe he had done it… Watch the video below, it is very interesting.
I have also played golf a few times. We have a huge lawn at my weekend house, so I bought some golf clubs and I sometimes just hit the balls. Behind the lawn, there is a garden where my father gorws some vegetable…. So once I was playing, the ball got stucked in a tomato, that was already fallen down  from the tomato plant. The tomato was already there evidently for a long time because it was very soft and “juicy”. Let’s have  fun and get the ball on our “green” (btw, we have only 1-hole golf course there :P).  So I hit the ball, it didn’t go to the green at all, I lost the ball somewhere in the potato field and I got dirty from the tomato :). I wasn’t as successful as Sergio Garcia but it was fun, I think you can imagine this situation…

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